Mennekes EUREF

MENNEKES Showroom at the EUREF Campus Berlin

  • Spatial plan and conceptual design
  • Furniture design
  • Graphic design
  • Implementation planning

Opened in September 2018 as part of the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel's symposium "10 Years of Electromobility — Future Becomes Present", the MENNEKES Berlin offices were conceptualised, designed and planned by Sequenz. MENNEKES uses its spaces to present a wide selection of their electromobility products and services. They also host seminars and provide training at the location. As well as a space for exhibitions, a forum with flexible furnishings was planned.

The client expressed a wish for an elegant but practical lighting design and furniture selection for the adjoining glass-walled offices.

Mennekes Showroom EUREF Merkel Besuch
Mennekes Showroom EUREF Bank mit Prospekten

3D visualisation technology made it possible for clients to understand the design intuitively.

Among other things, the complex spatial limitations and the multiple planned usages made it essential to bring MENNEKES into the planing process early on. 3D visualisation helped enormously in this respect as we were able to provide the project managers with the latest developments at any time. A special 3D viewer enabled interactive viewing, even from a smartphone.

Furniture design with integrated technology, double-sided display surfaces, and a diversified company history.

As well as a double-sided display wall, we designed a piece of furniture which combined a seating arrangement with an interactive touch-table in one single flowing form. Visitors can use the large touchscreen to discover the "MENNEKES City" developed by Sequenz. The furniture incorporates hidden storage space for brochures and samples. The display wall offers information in two languages for each target group, showcasing the most important products. If required, a sliding door opens to reveal an illuminated plug shelf.

Mennekes Showroom EUREF Schiebetafeln

Lighting design at its finest — app controlled.

If we are going to be talking about future technologies and sustainability, the lighting needs to be designed accordingly and should be elegant as well. The minimalist light strips provided by the LightNet firm met both requirements excellently. Dimmable LEDs create direct and indirect light that can be adjusted to suit different scenes which correspond to the desired room atmosphere. The scenes can be easily managed via app. The lighting plan was created by ObjektLicht Piwarz, Berlin.

Mennekes Showroom EUREF Lichtschiene