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About us

We can work in three-dimensions or flat on paper, in analogue or digital, in reality or virtually. Ultimately, it’s not the medium that distinguishes our work. For us, it’s all about the idea. We develop, design and produce great ideas that enable great products and services to achieve world-class recognition. We’ll often juxtapose things that don't seem to match and just see what happens. Hopefully we’ll even set off little explosions in the mind. Or the heart. But suddenly you’ll feel something more strongly, understand something better, feel like dancing, doing crazy things.

Listening and understanding

Everything starts by setting out the basic coordinates of the project. We want to understand what's important to you and where you’d like to go. In our first one-on-one meeting, we’ll act largely as listeners, collecting information and picking up on your passions and ideas. You’ll be introduced to your project lead, who will be at your side from there on in.

Asking and focusing

Ideas, by their very nature, are boundless: they want to fly. But to ensure they don’t fly away, they need structure: briefings, budgeting and scheduling. These form the safety cordon within which ideas flourish freely.

Good concepts don't come out of nowhere. Researching, testing, thinking and asking: the feedback we get from the exchange of ideas allows us to hone in, ever closer, on the concept. We make suggestions, offer technological insights, point out options, recalibrate. And we do so until we’ve got the kernel of the idea in sight.

Designing and producing

A good idea is one that seems simple. You can't see its underlying intellectual and technological complexity at first glance. That's the creative challenge and the skill: conveying messages casually, delicately and in a lively way. And, because this challenge requires a wide range of technical and design skills, we put together the optimum interdisciplinary team for every project.

Trying and discovering

We work for people who can often do things that amaze us. That’s the inspiration that motivates us to fathom new depths. To test new things and enter uncharted territory. Honest feedback is greatly appreciated – it helps us to get even better.


Who wants conventional solutions when they could have something exciting and new? We don't, and neither do the people we work for. What drives us forward, together, is not a search for the obvious, but the desire to explore the unusual, the as-yet unknown. We always look for the original and, if possible, the perfect solution.

And we have plenty of experience that shows us what is possible once you’ve experienced enough and you have a wide enough spectrum of technical tools at your disposal.

Concept and idea

As varied as our projects may be, their foundation always lies in a clear concept. This concept comes from a process of researching, structuring and discussing – not just within the team but, naturally, with you. After all, it’s your vision that we are bringing to life in a tailor-made way. For us, it's an exchange between equals: expert knowledge meets expert knowledge. We see our task as orientating you through the different options, and thereby developing optimum solutions. Which, by the way, may turn out to be quite different from what you were thinking of to begin with...


  • Analysis
  • Media and Technology Consulting
  • Ideas sketches
  • Information Structuring and Concept Design



Graphics and illustration

The best design is always the one you don't notice. It deftly plays the keyboard of our feelings without pushing itself to the forefront. Ideally, it should be timeless and be implemented consistently in every last detail. Shapes, colours, spaces – we love the endlessly variety of their designability.


  • Corporate Design
  • Annual Reports
  • Brochures, Catalogs , Magazines
  • Folders, Leporellos, Flyers
  • Calenders
  • Banners, Posters
  • Out-of-home advertising
  • Ad implementation

Web and applications

Company-specific workflows, interfaces, complex applications: the inner workings of a website are often at least as complicated as the processes within the company itself. The term “smart websites” is a great description of what we’ll develop for you. Our programmers and designers have unrivalled knowledge of their craft and offer tailored concepts instead of ready-made templates. And of course, your website will not only be individually designed and intuitive to use, but also work smoothly on all devices.


  • Web Portal Development and Implementation
  • CMS-Systems (including TYPO3, Wordpress)
  • Database connection and programming
  • Responsive Webdesign 
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery
  • PHP / mySQL

Film and animation

Working on a movie is a bit like weaving a large, colourful carpet: the images, light, music, actors, and story – all these components have to be brought together skilfully to make sure that the film works and that it touches its audience. It’s never as simple as it looks. But, for just that reason, it’s always a fascinating challenge.


  • Storyboard
  • Direction / Production
  • Blue- and Greenscreen
  • Special effects
  • Sound
  • Editing / Compositing
  • Postproduction
  • Virtual sets

3D and compositing

Sometimes, we like to play God. Like when we create virtual characters or entire worlds – in three dimensions and animated down to the last detail. A goldfish with a moving skeleton and animated facial expressions. A Boeing entirely recreated in 3D – including a 360° panoramic view of the interior. Three-dimensional product images combined with real photos or film shots. There are no limits to the ideas we can implement. Just like God…


  • Modeling of complex objects, scenes and characters
  • CAD import and conversion
  • Creation of physically accurate materials
  • Building of virtual sets and set extension
  • Character setup and animation
  • 32bit rendering and compositing workflow

Digital and virtual photography

There is a certain type of photograph: attractive people in a great mood, smiling at other attractive people, being so beautiful and so positive that you can't help wondering: do they even exist? If so, do they have any character? Any facets to their personality? Any abilities or talents? It’s a good question. If you want to convey those qualities, you need real photos. Of real people. From real companies.


  • Shooting organisation
  • Art-Direction
  • virtual photo studio
  • virtual product photography
  • Image processing web and print

Actual projects

Miluz - Schneider Electric
Miluz - Schneider Electric
Gallielo Special: A Fight for Survival
EBB - Corporate Identity



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